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Our online Arabic classes for kids are specially designed to provide your children with the exact skills they require to master the Arabic language.

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Course Outcomes
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The course is well structured and focused on improving students’ Arabic writing, speaking, and reading skills. Eglish-speaking Muslims are not familiar with the Arabic language, the course will not only improve their Arabic language skills but will also help them master the recitation and translation of the Holy Quran.

Learning an entirely unfamiliar language from the mother tongue or national language is a hard process. But we make it enjoyable and interactive for our students with the help of different activities, exercises, competitions, rewards, and multimedia.

Mishkah’s Qualified Native Arab Teachers are available to teach Arabic to non-native speakers, as it is important to train qualified teachers who can teach the Arabic language to the target audience in the simplest and most effective ways.


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More About This Course

Learning Arabic Online

This course will focus on conversational, modern standard Arabic, public speaking, and a wide range of Arabic vocabulary that can be used in colloquial phrases. The course will cover the various speaking skills that will be practised on a broad range of topics under the guidance of native Arab lecturers to promote relevant oral and listening skills further.
Students will learn the Arabic language under the instruction of experienced native Arab teachers from their homes’ comfort. Online learning activities will help improve the Arabic language skills quickly for students. Arabic is a rich language with great heritage in the fields of literature, theology and many sciences. The ability to speak this language fluently will allow you to understand the basics of the magnificent Qurān and few other traditional texts. This course will start your Arabic learning journey with basics in an engaging manner, getting you one big step closer to understanding one of the most popular languages in world history.

Students will have to participate in various speaking activities in the practical sessions that will focus on clarity of language, useful vocabulary, and appropriate grammar suited to the situations. Students can develop their skills by hearing the language being used naturally in an everyday context with professional native speakers and their flawless pronunciations and accents.

Upon Successful Completion, Students Will Have The Knowledge And Skills To:

  • Demonstrate refined and advanced accent and fluency in Arabic speaking.
  • Build confidence in maintaining the daily situational face-to-face conversations in Arabic.
  • Understand the modern standard Arabic conversations on a foundational level.
  • The understanding of various grammatical rules and words used to form sentences.
  • Gain necessary public speaking skills on a range of vocabulary used in colloquial phrases.


  • This course is for anyone who wants to visit the Middle East or talk with Arab People. 

-Great progress + Best curriculum 
– We assess the level of the student then design the learning path most suitable for them. As We have a ready-made curriculum prepared by certified scholars.

-FREE TRIAL+ Best Package
You have to learn with us before any registration. Do not pay any thing during your free trial lesson. In addition to affordable study fees that suit everyone.

Expert Native Arab Male and Female tutors to make your learning more proficient. They are Also available for teaching in different languages (English- French- Arabic).

No worries, we are very flexible 24/7 support & schedule at anytime of the day. So, you can book your online classes at your convenient time and days.

Certainly. you can check your kid’s performance through our quarterly progressive reporting system.

We use smooth and secure payment methods like paypal, credit/debit cards with money back guarantee if you want to leave.

Our classes are set up one -on- one with male and female Quran Tutors. Therefore we guarantee fast progress of Students.

we are also trying our best to create interactive courses to make it comfortable and interesting for our students, using latest and best online teaching software & technologies: Zoom meetings.



Our Tuition Plans:
  • $49/mo | 1 hour/week
  • $75/mo | 1.5 hour/week
  • $100/mo | 2.5 hours/week

Course Structures

Our Well-Structured Arabic Conversation Plan:

Units include: speaking about yourself and introducing yourself in male and female form, Arabic numbers & counting in Arabic.
Units include: Greetings, competitions, more introduction skills, family, descriptive words, and learning the weekdays in Arabic.
Units and lessons include: Colors, things in the home, possessions, animals, conversing about how to get information, and conversation skills around ‘where you are from’.
Units and lessons include learning about: things in the city, weather and rain, shopping, speaking about their age, in the classroom, weight, and speaking in Arabic about Umrah.
Units and lessons include learning about: drinking and various beverages, illnesses, being absent, clothing, describing ‘what you want’, all about food and eating, and having conversations about where things/people/places are.
Lessons and units include learning about buildings, friends, cleanliness, describing your house, four directions, illness, school, and Ramadan.
In level 7, the child will learn about the zoo and the animals, computers, sports, four seasons, weather, students and studying, and going on vacation.
Level 8 includes vocabulary about the weekend, going on a trip, a beautiful house, the phone, Eid in Islam, success, study schedule, and being on the farm.
In level 9 of Arabic for Kids full track, students will learn more vocabulary about shopping, transportation, the library, furniture, electricity, in the school, uniforms and pets.
In level 10 of Arabic,  students will learn Islamic Characters, Will be able to understand Quran Verses and Hadith.
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The best teaching service I have ever used, they always respond quickly, and always try to accomodate your needs. I have been with them for 2 years and never got disappointed. Highly recommend. Well done keep up the good work

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It has been great for my daughters and I and the times are so flexible. Everything mashAllah has been great including the teachers are so sweet and understanding. Jazakum Allah Kyr

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Kids are really prone to learning any language when they are in their early years. They can start learning as early as 3 years old.

Let’s be honest! Arabic is a challenging language to learn. But a harder language is not an unlearnable language. That means it could help keep learners’ brains healthy as they age.

All you need is to get a better Online Arabic Tutor for your kid and leave the rest to us.

Our Qualified Arabic teachers use the best learning methodology for kids to learn Arabic at a fast but balanced pace.

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No. All lessons are live and one-on-one with a teacher.
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