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We are a leading international online institute providing Quran, Arabic, and Islamic classes for kids and adults of all levels and ages. We are experts in using state-of-the-art technology to teach online. Our male and female teachers are well-trained to teach online and most of them are graduates of Al-Azhar Univesity, one of the world’s most prestigious institutions of Islamic and Arabic learning, and they also fluently speak English. Our team does not merely include highly qualified teachers but also has expert scholars who are capable of teaching higher levels of Quranic, Arabic, and Islamic Studies. Alongside Quranic studies, we also offer Islamic Studies, so students may benefit from the knowledge of our qualified teachers and improve their Islamic knowledge and character.

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Online Arabic & Quran Classes

Arabic For Adults

Quran With Tajweed

Arabic Conversation

Quran Recitation

Arabic For Kids

Quran Memorization

Tafsir Course

Qirat Course

Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies

Ijazah Course

Qaida Noorani

Qaida Noorani

Quranic Arabic

Quranic Arabic

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$ 50
  • 4 hrs/month
  • Certified Teachers
  • E-Certificate


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$ 65
  • 6 hrs/month
  • Certified Teachers
  • E-Certificate


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$ 85
  • 8 hrs/month
  • Certified Teachers
  • E-Certificate


$ 100
  • 10 hrs/month
  • Certified Teachers
  • E-Certificate
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At our academy, we are committed to offering a wide range of services that go beyond traditional classroom instruction

Online Classes with Live Teacher

We offer home-based Learning

Specilized Institute

We are international Quran Institute

qualified teachers

We have highly Qualified and Trained Quran & Arabic Teachers

Our Students Love Us

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My son Ibrahim Khan is doing Quran classes with Sheikh Ali, He is not struggling when he reads Quran with proper tajweed anymore. He will complete half of the Quran this year Insh'Allah. I like the Institute's educational system, it helps my son a lot to memorize and review his lessons especially before exams. Also, I receive a weekly report to track his progress and I can talk to his teacher or his academic adviser any time

Ibrahim Khan Qaida Noorani

I am really glad that I started the Quranic Arabic class which tremendously helped me to start to understand the Quran immediately. I am not exaggerating at all, as after taking a few classes, I started to understand the meanings of the Quranic verses and surahs. The program is very formal and very well structured and included an amazing, easy-to-understand binder, which combines several resources. I love the customized phone app, which reminds me to practice vocabulary daily.

MujeebuAllah Arabic Course

I studied Arabic through various methods before checking out False to true. Alhamdulilah I'm so glad I chose false to true. I can't believe I understand Arabic when my teacher is speaking! I look forward to my classes every week. Now, I can read Arabic and understand meanings in Quran.

Issa Adbullah Arabic Course

It took me long time to find a right place where I can learn how to read the Quran. I did not find such a personal approach and great teachers anywhere, but here, at false to true, they really listen to my needs and find the best teacher for my personality. Enrollment was fast and payment is automatic, which makes it very easy.

Adam Mia Quran Course

My daughter Maheen loves her teacher Sarah so much, She teaches her how to read Quran with tajweed and the meaning of each Surah, I am very satisfied with her progress, I tried many online schools before but my daughter got bored quickly, But here we are very happy with false to true Institute.

Maheen Yahya Quran with Tajweed

I tried many online websites before, usually, the classes go very well for a couple of weeks, After that, I face many issues with the teacher's performance, commitment and billing department, But I finally Found False to true Institute, They are a very professional Institute. I also love the fact that False to true did not over promise and set the right expectations for the class.

Aisha Rahman Islamic Studies

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You ask, we answer

Here are responses to some frequently-asked questions


Quran Secret is an Institute registered in USA & Egypt. It is a leading Islamic academy providing you with online Qur’anArabic and Islamic studies​ courses. Our Egyptian tutors are qualified and dedicated to helping students of all ages and levels.

A: -There’s no difference between real sessions and digital ones through Quran Secret except that the later allows you to learn at any time and at any place. 

-Technological advancements have led to improved audio/video communication quality on the Internet which has led to major growth in online education.Online education programs are available in nearly every subject and even the world’s leading universities are providing courses online. Studying online is also very convenient and adjusts to everyone’s schedule. Students have the ability to complete their course at their own pace.


A: -All you need is a smart device (PC, tablet or phone) that is connected to the internet.

 -Download Zoom software or Skype to your device and sign in with your academy account.

-And then your teacher will contact you at the scheduled appointment of classes.


A: -As with all personalized learning or coaching, the length of time (duration of study) will vary depending on the time, effort and ability of the student. The objective of our customized course is to learn the goals of our students and give them the time and tools they need to accomplish their goals.

-Depending on the intensity of the studies (how many classes you take), it will take adults 8 to 12 weeks for a Tajweed course. For Memorizing the entire Quran from 6 to 24 months. For Arabic, a course can last anywhere from 10 to 20 months. For Islamic studies, one level will take 4 to 8 weeks. As for children, it depends on their age, aptitude and the support given by parents and teachers.


A: Yes, you can. Once you are enrolled in the course, the Support team will email you to arrange the timing of the sessions with you.


We are a renowned, and highly specialized Institute where you can Learn Quran. Our objective is to link you to a team of male and female Quran teachers.


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