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Our schedules are super flexible to accommodate your availability any time of the day and make it much easier for you to easily learn Arabic online for kids.

Especially Designed Material

Our online Arabic classes for kids are specially designed to provide your children with the exact skills they require to master the Arabic language.

Weekly and Monthly Reports

We hand out weekly and monthly progress reports to parents, making you keep track of the performance of your child during their online Arabic classes for kids.


Course Outcomes
Quran Ijazah


Ijazah certificates are only issued to eligible students having expertise in all fields of reciting or memorizing the Quran. We do not grant Ijazah certificates until and unless students get capable of achieving it in all forms. If the student fails to reach the eligibility criteria, he/she will have to review the Quran course again to get perfection and receive an Ijazah certificate.

Holding the Ijazah is not monopolized for specific people, any Muslim can do it if all requirements are applied, so he has what it takes to teach others, and these requirements are:

  1. Being fully capable of reciting the Holy Quran without making any mistakes.
  2. Acquiring Tajweed skills and reciting the Holy Quran using it.
  3. Memorizing the Holy Quran and reciting it to and Ijazah holder without peeking.

More About This Course

Learning Arabic Online

In order to receive an Ijazah, you must go through a series of procedures, starting with the ability to read the Quran, then study all the Tajweed Rules, and finally be evaluated by an experienced scholar to receive the Ijazah in Quranic recitation.

  1. A free Evaluation session with Ijazah Certified Supervisor to see your current level of recitation (Tilawah).
  2.  Mastering Arabic Reading.
  3.  Mastering Tajweed Rules.
  4. Quran Recitation by Heart as for Quran Memorization Ijazah Program.
  5. Quran Recitation from the Mushaf as for Quran Recitation Ijazah Program.
  6. Reciting the whole (Mushaf-30Juz) to the Tutor.

For Adults and Kids

– To obtain Ijazah in Quran Recitation with Tajweed, the student must recite the whole Quran with Tajweed correctly from Mushaf (The Holy Quran Book). – To obtain Ijazah in Quran Memorization, the student must recite the whole Quran by heart to the tutor.

Expert Native Arab Male and Female tutors to make your learning more proficient. They are Also available for teaching in different languages (English- French- Arabic).

No worries, we are very flexible 24/7 support & schedule at anytime of the day. So, you can book your online classes at your convenient time and days.

Certainly. you can check your kid’s performance through our quarterly progressive reporting system.

We use smooth and secure payment methods like paypal, credit/debit cards with money back guarantee if you want to leave.

Our classes are set up one -on- one with male and female Quran Tutors. Therefore we guarantee fast progress of Students.

we are also trying our best to create interactive courses to make it comfortable and interesting for our students, using latest and best online teaching softwares & technologies: Zoom meetings.

Our Tuition Plans:
  • $49/mo | 1 hour/week
  • $75/mo | 1.5 hour/week
  • $100/mo | 2.5 hours/week

Course Structures

Our Well-Structured Quran Ijazah Plan for Adults & Kids:

  • Unit 1: Review
  • Unit 1: Juz’ 1 & 2
  • Unit 2: Juz’ 3 & 4
  • Unit 3: Juz’ 5
  • Unit 1: Juz’ 6 & 7
  • Unit 2: Juz’ 8
  • Unit 3: Juz’ 9 & 10
  • Unit 1: Juz’ 11
  • Unit 2: Juz’ 12 & 13
  • Unit 3: Juz’ 14 & 15
  • Unit 1: Juz’ 15 & 16
  • Unit 2: Juz’ 17
  • Unit 3: Juz’ 18 & 19
  • Unit 4: Juz’ 20
  • Unit 1: Juz’ 21
  • Unit 2: Juz’ 22 & 23
  • Unit 3: Juz’ 24 & 25
  • Unit 1: Juz’ 26 & 27
  • Unit 2: Juz’ 28, 29 & 30
Quran Ijazah

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The best teaching service I have ever used, they always respond quickly, and always try to accomodate your needs. I have been with them for 2 years and never got disappointed. Highly recommend. Well done keep up the good work

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It has been great for my daughters and I and the times are so flexible. Everything mashAllah has been great including the teachers are so sweet and understanding. Jazakum Allah Kyr

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Kids are really prone to learning any language when they are in their early years. They can start learning as early as 3 years old.

Let’s be honest! Arabic is a challenging language to learn. But a harder language is not an unlearnable language. That means it could help keep learners’ brains healthy as they age.

All you need is to get a better Online Arabic Tutor for your kid and leave the rest to us.

Our Qualified Arabic teachers use the best learning methodology for kids to learn Arabic at a fast but balanced pace.

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  • Writing
  • Listening
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No. All lessons are live and one-on-one with a teacher.
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